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Aug 29

Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Lighting Tips from California’s Certified Pros.

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Did you decide to improve the value of your property in the next few weeks? Is Outdoor LED Lighting a big part of your plans? If so, why not check out five of our certified pros’ Outdoor LED Lighting tips? Here they are:

Outdoor LED Lighting Tip #1: Focus on Overall Function

To begin with, we’d recommend beginning the process by thinking about which functions you want your Outdoor LED Lighting system to perform. For instance, do you want to provide security or set a mood? Keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to have more than one lighting goal in mind. After all, outdoor lighting systems do not have to be one dimensional.

Outdoor LED Lighting Tip #2: Zero in on Zones

Next, zero in on specific zones and how they may fit into your overall plans. For example, let’s assume that you want to light a patio area for entertainment purposes. You may want to use task lighting above the patio table and outdoor kitchen area. The rest of the patio’s areas may be better suited for low profile garden lights.

Outdoor LED Lighting Tip #3: Consider the Fixtures

Once those factors are considered, take a moment to think about the fixtures. Do you want them to be the center of attention or would you prefer that they highlight certain features? When selecting a San Diego landscape lighting design, many people opt to use a mixture of both. An example would be using an attention-grabbing fixture over a patio table and low-profile, barely noticeable downlights on stair risers.

Outdoor LED Lighting Tip #4: Tune into Tones and Intensity

The bulbs’ tones and intensity should also be factored into your plans. That’s because they will influence the appearance of the items being lit. Take a flower bed for example. If the wrong type of San Diego landscape lighting is used, healthy plants could appear sickly. In addition, if the bulb gets too hot it could damage the plant too.

Outdoor LED Lighting Tip #5: Consider All Angles

Lastly, consider how your landscape lighting looks from all angles. For instance, stand inside your home and look outside. Does the design look appealing from that viewpoint? Then stand at various outdoor locations and look around. Is the design still attractive? You’ll also want to make sure that your landscape lighting doesn’t negatively impact your neighbors.

Those are just five Outdoor LED Lighting tips from our seasoned pros in Outdoor LED Lighting San Diego, Outdoor LED Lighting Orange County. To discover other factors that play a role in attractive landscaping, contact us at (800) 479-8161 for a no-cost estimate.

Outdoor LED Lighting

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