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If your Inland Empire, CA lawn irrigation systems or landscape lighting systems aren’t working as reliably or as efficiently as you need them to operate, it’s time to remedy the situation with a quick call to Sprinkler Repair Guy, Inland Empire. We offer more than just sprinkler repair we offer lawn irrigation, landscape lighting, drip irrigation and drainage systems. We’re certified sprinkler technicians that handle both residential and large projects which can get your system back to perfect working order in no time. We understand the importance of a healthy and attractive lawn, an investment that not only brings joy on a daily basis, but increases the value of your property. Next time you are considering adding the wow factor by adding landscape lighting to your exterior property call the Inland Empire experts today 1.800.479.8161.

Lawn Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Drip Irrigation, Drainage Systems.

The services at Sprinkler Repair Guy are lawn irrigation, landscape lighting, drip irrigation, drainage systems. We provide a wide range of capabilities well beyond a repair service, one that can transform your exterior project into a reality. Our 10+ years of service are centered around affordable prices, quality products and dependable service. We are confident our commitment to excellent customer service not only allows you the best possible experience but the opportunity to install money saving lawn irrigation and landscape lighting. Please contact us for all your lawn irrigation, landscape lighting, drip irrigation, drainage systems needs.

Lawn Irrigation

Lawn Irrigation is a top priority in making your house, a home! We offer not only sprinkler repair services but offer sprinkler system upgrades which save time and money. We take the guesswork out of repairing and installing lawn irrigation and plant irrigation systems. We are most know for our sprinkler repair but remember we also offer services in lawn irrigation, landscape lighting, drip irrigation, drainage systems.


Landscape Lighting

Elegance and beauty are often the first words when describing a new landscape lighting upgrade which often increases your property value. Our LED lighting systems are highly energy efficient saving up to 75% versus traditional incandescent low voltage lights. Your new landscape lighting will leave your home, walkways and gardens with a lasting impression.


Drip Irrigation

We use professional grade products made especially for low-volume irrigation systems. We offer lawn drip irrigation and plant drip irrigation services. The process of delivering water at or near the plants’ root zones our products offer targeted watering with enhanced efficiency for healthy plants and improved water saving technology. We only use quality drip irrigation product lines in the industry to meet your residential needs.


Drainage Systems

No matter the drainage system job we have the equipment to do it right the first time. We offer basins and grates of different sizes, colors all designed to perfectly fit together for tight connections. We offer quick solutions for replacements and quality options for upgrades. Mix-and-match our basins and grates will give you the best fit, every time. Plus our quality products are compatible with most other leading manufacturers.



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